Who We Are

We are TIRTHOK, and we make magic happen! Whether you need to dazzle your client/audience with a movie, a documentary, a docu-film, or a catchy ad, we have the skills and the tools to make it happen. We can help you reach any medium, from TV to online to radio. We can also craft amazing concepts and strategies to boost your market presence. And that’s not all! We can also handle any kind of event or activation, from corporate to social to national. We can also offer you top-notch services in public relations, design, print and publications, market analysis and survey. Whatever you dream of, we can make it a reality. Trust us, we are TIRTHOK!


TIRTHOK is a team of experts who can turn your dream into reality. We cater to the Corporate & Entertainment sectors as well as the society & nation. We have professional, educated & creative members who can meet your expectations. We offer you Movie, Documentary, Docu-Film, TVC, OVC, RDC and more for your promotion in any medium. We develop Concepts & Implement them for your market growth. We also provide you with all kinds of Events & Activation. We deliver Public Relation, Print & Publications, Market Analysis and Survey services as well.


We are TIRTHOK, and we aspire to be the leading partners in excellence. We create, design, manage, and offer solutions that exceed expectations. We are TIRTHOK, and we strive for excellence in everything we do.


We are TIRTHOK, and we envision a world where dreams come true. We spark imagination and passion in ourselves and others. We join forces and work wonders. We are TIRTHOK, and we make magic happen.


We are TIRTHOK, and we aim to be the best in our field. We share our dream and achieve it together. We make our organization shine and thrive. We are TIRTHOK, and we are the dream team.

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Documentary & Promotion
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Drama & Telefilm
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Our Service

Meet The Team​

Tirthok Ahsan Rubel

Team Leader, Creative & Creation

Sudip Kumar Dip


C. F. Zaman

Creative Director Media, Production & Communication

Sumiya Ahmed Chaiti

Assistant Director Visual & Event


Md Jubayer Islam

Assistant Director Visual Production

Tanveer Alam Shawjeeb​​

Music Director & Singer

Jayita Mahalanobish

Stage Drama, Art & Creative

Mousumi Akhtar

Graphics & Animation

Hasan Mahady

Video Editor


Dilruba Doyel

Corporate & Media Affair

Our Editor

Md. Abdullah Baki


Swakrito Noman


Our Advisor

Towfiq Shanto


Noman Robin


Masud Pathik

Print & Publication

Ripon Khan

Music Director

Advocate S M Rabby


Major Clients

Full-length film : (Consultant)

Drama / Telefilm (Script/Direction)

TV Channel Production

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